Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anne Arundel County Backs Off on Real Estate Tax Issue

According to a Baltimore Sun newspaper article, Anne Arundel County, MD has decided to back off on their decision to use unpaid principal mortgage balance rather than sales price as a basis on which to assess recordation taxes. Naturally, this decision was largely condemned by the Maryland real estate and taxpayer community.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Anne Arundel has backed down from this practice, citing an opinion from the Maryland Attorney General that the "practice isn't supported by state law." The full article can be found here. The county will instead assess recordation tax on the sales price as it previously had.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Annapolis, MD real estate - Crownsville, MD listing

775 Valentine Drive, Crownsville, MD - Just 5 miles from the Annapolis Mall is this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the water privileged community of Herald Harbor. Well maintained and in move-in condition!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Video That Unlocks the Secrets to Selling Your Home!

Three of the elements of selling are price, condition and location. While location influences price you have no control over it. As the saying goes, you can change a house, but you can't change its location. Price and condition are the other elements over which you have control.
One of the most important elements in the process of selling your home is its condition. It is also one of two things in your control that you can change.
A thorough review of the house and property should be made in advance of putting the house on the market. Those things that you can afford to fix, repair or replace should be done. Cleaning and painting are two musts on any list. Freshly painting a house in a neutral color is one of the most important things that can be done to make a house look its best. Failing to completely clean prior to painting however, will lessen the effect of the new paint job. Slapping some paint on the walls without cleaning makes it look just as it sounds. Awful!
Cleaning is one of the least expensive things that can be done to make a property show it best, if you are doing it yourself. Be sure to move furniture, fixtures or appliance to reach every nook and cranny in your cleaning. Put a shine on everything and maintain it that way until the property is sold.
Does your house pass the smell test. Have someone who doesn't live in the house give you an honest opinion. Pet and smoke odors are two of the most offensive to many buyers. Pet odors may mean that you'll need to thoroughly clean your carpets and upholstered furniture. If the carpeting is beyond cleaning it may be necessary to replace it. Odor from smoking is a tough cleaning task as smoke finds it way into everything and often cover walls and fixtures with a visible film of nicotine. In some worst cases it may be best to hire a professional who specializes in that field.
Don't forget outside of the house. All exterior painting should be checked, scraped and repainted if necessary. The exterior extends to the yard, where keeping the grass cut and the gardens freshly mulched and tidied are tasks to complete. Overgrown and neglected plantings should be attended to and made to look presentable.
These are just a few of the things that fall under the heading of condition when you are selling your home. For more complete information see our video, Strategies for Selling Your Home, which can be found online at
It can be difficult to sell a house in today’s real estate market. There are certain things that you have no control over, like mortgage interest rates, consumer confidence and how many buyers are in the marketplace. However, there’s always a real estate market. People need to move for many reasons, so you always have a market for selling your house. As we’ve stated earlier, three elements of selling are price, condition and location. Price can be adjusted to account for poor location and condition, however if you need to maximize your sale price in order to pay off your current mortgage and break even on the expenses of sale or even walk away from the sale with a profit, the best way to accomplish that is to improve condition. Order Strategies for Selling Your Home today and improve your chances for selling your home quicker and for a better price!
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Strategies For Selling your Home

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"The Debt Bomb" an interesting article from

Here's an interesting article we read online at The basic premise of the article is that because of the extraordinary debt facing the United States the government has decided on a course of monetary inflation - printing money. They have increased the money supply by 119% to $1.93 trillion in the last two years. This is coupled with increased government spending to keep the GDP from falling and hopefully spurring employment. The government debt bomb meanwhile stands at an alarming $115 trillion dollars. The article states that it seems inflation will be heading our way in the very near future. Furthermore, according to the article precious metals like gold and commodities are expected to outperform other asset classes, while they site stocks and real estate as appreciating in value against paper currencies. The Federal Reserve seems committed to a path of monetary inflation to inflate away the mountain of debt, however this policy will lead to a further dilution of the dollar.  As further proof of this policy the article shows that the European banks have also adopted a policy of printing money and also taking this path of monetary inflation.

To read the article, go to